12 Coffee Moments From Your Favorite TV Shows

August 9, 2017

If you followed music coming from the UK back in the mid 90s – and God knows I did! – you’ll have heard this catchy number by Blur.

Now I think he was talking about drinking a coffee while watching tv, but I won’t let that stop me from using it to shamelessly segue into my article on coffee moments on tv shows!

And it’s funny, isn’t it, that you actually see coffee and tv together so much?

Take a look at these moments that will show you the funny, frustrating, confusing and delightful every day aspects of that drink we love so much.


1. Simpsons
2. Breaking Bad
3. Scrubs
4. Seinfeld
5. Frasier
6. Futurama
7. Star Trek: Voyager
8. The Office
9. Flight of the Conchords
10. Rick and Morty
11. Sherlock
12. The Sopranos

1. The Simpsons

This is that scene where Marge tries to order a coffee down under. The confused barman tries to give her what she ordered… a beer, right?

This scene runs with the stereotype of drunken Aussies loving their beer, but actually Australia has a fantastic coffee culture.

2. Breaking Bad

The guys in Breaking Bad are good at chemistry. They can tinker with ratios, experiment with reactions, create the ideal conditions to make methampethamine. So why not with coffee, too?

If you’re interested in perfecting your coffee like Gail has, here’s a good place to start.

3. Scrubs

“It’s just coffee.”
“Oh no, this is liquid crack. This is a mug full of sunshine. My dear, for me, this is like sex.”

I think Dr Cox’s description is pretty spot on. Watch the video to see the nurse’s biting riposte.

4. Seinfeld

This classic scene is a monument to George’s entire character.

Protip: If a girl/guy is inviting you into their apartment for coffee at midnight, they probably don’t actually want a coffee!

5. Frasier

Niles tries to order his ‘double short low-fat no foam latte’. Or is it a ‘double shot non-fat low foam latte?’

Either way, this system of ordering would lose them at least one customer. Me.

6. Futurama

Watch Fry’s hilarious attempt to drink 100 cups of coffee. I love the instant shift from nervous wreck to pure clarity as soon as he finishes the 100th.

And I wonder, does time really slow down like that? Not that I’m ever going to find out…

7. Star Trek: Voyager

Literally every moment in this Star Trek clip could have been said by me. Well, except the line where Captain Janeway says, “Coffee, I beat the Borg with it!”

8. The Office

Here’s a funny dialogue from Michael comparing coffee to cocaine. This was from the episode where the office gets a new espresso machine but everyone ends up wired and sweaty by the end of the show!

9. Flight Of The Conchords

A hilarious bit from a hilarious show. Jerome gets annoyed as his roommate buys a second cup for the apartment rather than sticking to the cup rota for the only one they’ve got.

10. Rick And Morty

My new favorite show. And a great little scene with a coffee vending machine and a deformed alien that has loads of s*** all over its face. Disgusting. You should never buy coffee from a vending machine.

11. Sherlock

Taking one from across the pond now. Watch Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes as he notices the change in lipstick but completely misses the girl’s attempt to take him out for a coffee.

12. Sopranos

Spot the irony as a couple of Italian-American mobsters walk into a third wave coffee house and ask, ‘Have you got any errr… just coffee?’

It doesn’t get any better as Pauli commits the cardinal sin of pronouncing it ‘expresso!’

Like these moments or have any others to share? Please comment and let me know!

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