The 11 Best Examples Of Latte Art On Pinterest

July 2, 2017

We’ve all been there. You’re trying out that hip sounding coffee shop that you read about on your city’s local listings fb page.

The one in that neighborhood you’ve always wanted to visit. Your cappuccino gets placed on the table and your mouth hangs open.

You let out a half hearted ‘thank you’ then cry inwardly. It looks terrible.

Maybe it’s a bit harsh to expect sulky engineering major Dave to understand. Perhaps $8 an hour isn’t enough to attract high quality artists ready to sketch gorgeous designs on your afternoon latte. Still, a flower would have been nice…

Fortunately, the world is full of people for whom latte art is more than just a parlor trick.

In fact, there are baristas out there who go above and beyond for a pretty picture on a coffee.

Have a look at some of the most spectacular examples from Pinterest…

1. The Classic

Here’s a particularly good example of the layered, brown and white tulip that we know and love. Extra credit for getting two little hearts on there.

2. The Wet and Windy

It’s a well-known fact that an unexpected shower when you’re out and about means you need to sit in the nearest cafe until it’s over. How lucky then, to sit somewhere where the coffee reflects the weather outside!

3. The Lovely

This is a sweet design that is difficult but achievable. The only question is, are eight hearts enough?

4. The Cosmic

If you were in a space suit, could you touch the rings of Saturn without getting hurt? A brain fired up on caffeine can come up with some far-out questions…

(The answer is: probably yes. They’re mostly just big rocks that are quite far apart.)

5. The Cinematic

Guess which film this is from.

You can? Well, I guess you win the ‘not been living under a rock for the last five years’ award.

6. The Feline

Just when you’re getting over the fact that your landlord has a strict ‘No Pets Allowed’ policy then you see this cutie on the face of your cappo!

7. The 3-Dimensional

We’re starting to get a bit ridiculous now. Sure, this looks pretty impressive, but don’t you have a job to do or something?

8. The Parisien

You know that 57% of the people who live in Paris have never even been up the Eiffel Tower? Do you also know that I made that statistic up just now?

9. The Buzzing

Aww it’s a pretty little butterfly! Aaagh it’s a big horrible hornet! I’ll let you decide which one you think it is.

10. The Meme-y

Such espresso… Much latte…

You get the idea.

11. The Alright You’re Showing Off Now

Ever have those realizations that no matter how much you like to sketch and draw, there will always be someone who can embarrass you without even trying? Yea, me too. Right now.

Like any of these? Got any good examples you can share? Please comment, it makes me smile whenever I get one!

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