Coffee Moments in TV and Movies (12 Hilarious Scenes…)

December 10, 2022

Around 64% of adult Americans drink coffee every day. So it’s no surprise we see so many pop culture references to coffee. In TV, movies, or anything else.

From Futurama to The Office to Breaking Bad to The Sopranos, here are 12 of the best scenes about coffee in tv shows and movies. Video included.

There’s a bunch of comedies in here. But even serious shows like The Sopranos use coffee as a prop for a gag. It’s also used sometimes in a totally fascinating way to build character. Check out the Breaking Bad scene, for a brilliant example.

Coffee moments in TV


1. Simpsons
2. Breaking Bad
3. Scrubs
4. Seinfeld
5. Frasier
6. Futurama
7. Star Trek: Voyager
8. The Office
9. Flight of the Conchords
10. The Usual Suspects
11. Sherlock
12. The Sopranos

1. The Simpsons

When the Simpsons visit Australia, Marge isn’t too impressed with Homer’s oversized beer and orders a coffee. Except she has a little trouble getting what she wants.

A funny thing about this scene is it plays on the stereotype of the beer-swilling Aussies — who couldn’t possibly understand something as cultured as coffee — but actually Australia has a fantastic coffee culture.


2. Breaking Bad

Cooking meth is just chemistry, right? You tinker with ratios and fiddle with test tubes, then suddenly you create the best damn methampethamine. So why not with coffee, too?

If you’re interested in perfecting your coffee like Gail has, here’s a good place to start.

3. Scrubs

Dr Cox always had a way with words. And the way he describes his coffee as “liquid crack” and “like sex” is just about the funniest thing I’ve seen. 

And the nurse he’s trying to hit on? Her response is pretty good, too.

4. Seinfeld

This scene’s a classic. You might remember it. Either way, it sums up George to a tee.

Protip: If a girl/guy is inviting you up to their apartment for coffee at midnight, they aren’t suggesting coffee!

5. Frasier

In this scene, Niles has more than a little difficulty getting his order right.

Either way, the way this coffee shop does business would lose them at least one customer. Me.

6. Futurama

What would happen if you drank 100 coffees? Does time slow down like it does for Fry here? I won’t be finding out myself.

Sidenote: I love the instant shift from nervous wreck to pure clarity as soon as he finishes the 100th.

7. Star Trek: Voyager

Literally every moment in this Star Trek clip could have been said by me. Well, except one line.

The one where Captain Janeway says, “Coffee, I beat the Borg with it!”

8. The Office

Here’s a funny dialogue from Michael, of course. He’s comparing coffee to cocaine.

This was from the episode where the office gets a new espresso machine but everyone ends up wired and sweaty by the end of the show. Sounds about right.

9. Flight Of The Conchords

A hilarious bit from a hilarious show. Jerome gets annoyed as his roommate buys a second cup for the apartment. 

The problem? They have a cup rota for the first cup. Why can’t he stick to it?

10. Usual Suspects

Spoiler alert: this is from the end of the movie. And the cup of coffee plays a crucial role in the scene. 

It looks like our character has just realised something…. something very, very shocking.


11. Sherlock

Taking one from across the pond now. Watch Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes notice the girl “refresh” her lipstick… but completely miss that she’s asking him on a date.

12. Sopranos

Spot the irony as a couple of Italian-American mobsters walk into a third wave coffee house and ask, ‘Have you got any errr… just coffee?’

I wonder what Pauli’s ancestors would think of him calling it “expresso”?



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