Best Ice Cube Trays For Coffee 2019

May 10, 2017

If you’re cold coffee fanatic like myself, you’ll understand the importance of ice in serving a great Cold Brew or Iced Latte. Summer days sitting in the garden with a tall glass filled with ice and topped up with coffee, book in hand and sun in the sky… Bliss.

If you’ve ever dreamed of serving a tray of drinks in glasses filled with a massive sphere of ice, then you’re in the right place.

You can say goodbye to cheap, small ice cube trays that break and say hello to the kind of ice cubes that will make you think you’re in an episode of that Kardashian program which I forget the name of.

No, I don’t remember the name. Honestly. I don’t have all 13 seasons on blu-ray boxset or anything!

Without further ado, here are some of the most stylish, quirky, practical, ridiculous and whatever else Ice Cube Trays that you’re going to find.

Quick note: For extra points, boil your water twice then when it’s lukewarm you add the water to the tray and then freeze it. This is the best way to get super clear ice cubes that will impress everyone!

Quicker note: Everything reviewed is BPA-free 🙂


1. Big Ice Cubes
2. Big Sphere Cubes
3. Best Boring Ice Cubes
4. Best Mini-Cubes
5. Best Ice Cubes for Bottles
6. Best Novelty Cubes

1. Big Ice Cubes

Let’s begin our journey into a frosty wonderland by looking at trays that will make ice cubes that are big. Really big. Large ice cubes, as well as looking totally badass in your drink, have a notable advantage.

You might remember from the never-ending fun that was middle school math, low surface area equals low absorption. These large ice cubes have much lower surface area than a few smaller ones so they melt slower and keep your drink cooler for longer. Even sitting in the sun on a summer’s day, you can expect these to last for 2 hours or more!

Do bear in mind that it does mean they are more suited to drinks that are already cold, rather than using them to cool drinks that are warm.

There are the Home Complete ice cube trays that give you 2 trays that give you a total of 16 ice cubes with size 2″x2″x2″.

ice cube tray

ice cube tray

Cocktail Cubes offer an ice cube that is even larger at 2.5″x2.5″x2.5″ in a tray that will give you 4 ice cubes.

ice cube tray

2. Big Sphere Cubes

A few years ago, I went to an classy rooftop hotel/bar type thing for someone’s birthday drinks. The party was fun, the place was nice, but I was completely fixated on the ice cube that was served in my cocktail. and . It was round, huge and beautiful! I enjoyed it more than the drink! (I actually did, it was $25 for the worst Mojito I’ve ever had.)

That was in the age before you could get literally anything ever from the internet so it took me years before I experienced the pure luxury of spherical ice cubes. Luckily for you folks I’ve taken the trouble of scouring the web (ok, I searched Amazon) and found you the best of the best in this type of large and spherical ice cube.

These Arctic Spirits are the best on the market right now and give you 4 ice cube makers which each make a sphere at 2.5″ diameter.

ice cube tray

ice cube tray

Do note that these ice cubes are similar in size to the large ice cubes above, and so everything about the long cooling time applies to these too.

3. Boring Ice Cubes

If you want the safe and sensible option of normal sized ice cubes then here’s your best bet. I’m sure I don’t need to explain what an ice cube tray like this does but these trays score excellently in consumer reports – well built with little hassle. They stack nicely, are BPA-free and are made in the USA.

ice cube tray

4. Mini Cubes

Now I’m gonna take you to the complete other end of the spectrum with these trays that make tiny ice cubes. These niceCube trays make ice cubes that are only 3/8″ across and you make 160 for each tray!

The big advantage to using these small cubes is they cool your drink super fast. Just to quickly go back to what I said above about those happy days of learning middle school math, the small size but high surface area means it will quickly absorb into the drink.

These are so small they almost give a ‘crushed ice’ type feel in your glass. The size of them makes them ideal if you want to make espresso coffee (or even using an aeropress or moka pot) and pour it over ice – it will quickly melt into a nice drink.

They’re also good if you are interested in making blended drinks like a frappuccino as they break up quickly in a blender.

ice cube tray

ice cube tray

5. Ice Cubes For Bottles

I put a question to you: how do you quickly make the liquid in a bottle cold? The answer, these long and thin ice cubes that pop right into your bottle. These things are super useful in loads of situations. Want a cold beer and want it NOW?

Chuck a couple of these in your PBR. While they may have limited use for coffee – the only drink I would have out of a bottle would be Cold Brew – they are just generally good to have around.

ice cube tray

6. Novelty Ice Cubes

Now we’ve got all the sensible, useful and practical ice cube trays out the way, let’s have some fun!

Class things up with these ice cubes in the shape of diamonds…

ice cube tray

ice cube tray

…or wow your children with these animal shaped ice cubes…

ice cube tray

…or try these cool looking things.

ice cube tray

ice cube tray

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