Best Ice Cube Trays for Coffee

January 14, 2023

Looking for the best ice cube trays for coffee? Whether you want to keep your Cold Brew chilly on a summer’s day, or simply need premade ice for an Iced Coffee… we’ve got you covered.

All the ice cube trays on this page are BPA-free and checked so they are reliable and durable.

Our number one pick are the Glacio ice cube trays. These trays make large sized ice cubes, about 2″ x 2″ x 2″. That’s big enough for the cube to sit in your palm. Best of all? Because they are so big, these ice cubes will keep your drinks staying cool for ages, even on hot days.

You get two trays in a pack, which means you can have eight ice cubes ready to go while you put water in the other tray to get some more ready. And these BPA-free silicone molds are flexible, so you can twist and turn them to get the ice cubes out more easily.

Best Ice Cube Trays for Coffee

Our #1 choice: Glacio
Biggest ice cubes: witice
Best for sphere ice cubes: WIBIMEN round
Best normal ice cube tray: DOQAUS
Best for tiny ice cubes: DZHJKIO mini
Best ice cube tray for bottles: Lily’s Narrow Ice Stick
Best novelty ice cube tray: TrueZoo Quack the Ice Duck

The biggest ice cubes you can get come from these ice cube trays from witice. The ice cubes measure 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 2.5″. That’s nearly the size of a tennis ball, and the large size will keep your coffee cool for ages! This type of ice cube is originally designed for whiskey glasses,, I recommend you check you have glasses big enough to fit them and your coffee in.

When your ice cubes are this big, it can be a problem because the coffee may get watered down. But a neat trick is to fill the cubes with coffee creamer. That way, as the cubes melt, your iced coffee doesn’t taste watery.

Sphere ice cubes — if you can ignore the confusing name — are easy to make nowadays thanks to some clever engineering. These round ice cube trays from WIBIMEN are super simple. Just the pour the water into the bottom part, then squeeze the top part onto it. The balls will fill up with water as if by magic.

Spherical ice cubes look great, and with these ice cube trays you get a set that can make 200 at a time. They’re kinda small, so you get a scoop to pick the ice cubes up and put them in drinks. Useful for not getting your hands wet from handling the ice!

The DOQAUS ice cube trays are fantastic if you need something simple. The ice cubes are a standard size, about 1 fl.oz or 27ml per cube. And the trays themselves can be flexed and squeezed easily, so getting sticky ice cubes out of position is super easy.

These ice cube trays come with a lid that goes over the whole tray, so you won’t spill any after you’ve just filled it with water. They also come in a range of different colors for you to choose from.

These DZHJKIO mini ice cube trays are great if you want lots of tiny ice cubes in your coffee. Each one is only 0.5″ or about 1.4cm long. And the set of four trays will hold 416 of these little ice cubes.

Because they are so small, they will dissolve in your drink quickly. And that means your drink will get cold FAST (and won’t stay cold as long as the bigger ice cubes).

I must point out that these ice “cubes” are actually balls or spheres. That’s because the shape of a cube is harder to get out of a tray, and the tiny ice cube trays that use cubes have lots of bad reviews because of the cubes getting stuck. Not what you want when you’re trying to serve up some delicious iced coffee.

Lily’s Narrow Ice Stick trays are perfect if you need a thinner shape for your ice. These are designed for bottles, where you can just pop the narrow stick of ice into the bottle to keep it cold. But they also work perfectly for narrow glasses, just like what you might serve iced coffee in.

You get a set of three which make 30 “ice sticks” in total, with each one being a different color. And because of the weird shape, these ice sticks actually freeze a lot quicker than a big bulky cube does. So they’re a lifesaver if you need ice fast!

If you’re looking for something more fun with your ice cubes, then these TrueZoo Quack the Ice Duck ice cube trays might be just the ticket.

With these trays, you can make ice cubes that are shaped like a duck who will swim around in your coffee.

The design of these ice cubes is super cute, but it’s well crafted too. They will slip out of the tray easily, so you don’t chip the ice on its way out.

And you can even change the design to snowflakes, diamonds, animal paws or US States (try clicking the link to see).


So if you’re looking for a great ice cube tray then you can’t go wrong with Glacio ice cube trays. These are on the large side, though.

If you just need some normal sized ice cube trays for your coffee, then DOQAUS ice cube trays is your best bet.

Now here’s a quick tip to get the best out of your new ice cube tray…

Boil your water twice, then wait for it to cool down before adding the water to the tray. Now, when you freeze it, the ice cubes will be super clear and transparent (rather than hazy and distorted). Try it. It impresses everyone.

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