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November 11, 2019
best coffee mug that i own!

Looking for a new coffee mug?

Perhaps something specific like a thermos mug?

A latte glass…?

Or something that would work well as a gift?

I’ve sifted through the best coffee mugs Amazon has to offer so you don’t have to.

All nicely contained in this article.

I’ve even sorted them by categories!

(I know what a chore browsing the internet can be…)

And if you can make it to the end, I’ve got a hilarious fact for you about coffee mugs. You probably won’t even believe it’s true, actually, but let’s save that for later…


1. Best Standard Coffee Mugs
2. Best Thermos Coffee Mug (Insulated Coffee Mug)
3. Best Coffee Mug For A Gift
4. Best Extra Large Coffee Mugs
5. Best Espresso Demitasse
6. Best Coffee Mug For A Commuter (Best ‘To-go’ Coffee Mug)
7. Best Funny Coffee Mug
8. Best Latte Glass
9. Best Disposable Coffee Cups

Best Standard Coffee Mug

Let’s start with these stainless steel babies. They’re 15oz, shatter-proof, double-walled insulated to keep your coffee hot for longer. Oh yea, and it’s all BPA-free materials. You even get two in a set!

The next option is my kind of mug, a plain and simple design, known as a diner mug (apparently), that feels weighty and has a thick brim.

Nothing like drinking coffee out of a cup with a thick brim, as I sometimes think…

The version I’ve linked to has loads of colour options you can check out on Amazon too.

We’ll finish this section with these “plain jane” cups, which is what we all want in our drinking equipment, really. They look nice in white, come in at a hefty 16oz and are a steal for a set of six!

(Upon further inspection, looks like you can get these cups in loads of different colors and styles. Hit the link and check them out!)

Best Thermos Coffee Mugs (Insulated Coffee Mugs)

Confession time: I actually don’t like my coffee hot. I need a bare minimum of 10 minutes after the brew before I can properly enjoy my drink.

The amount of arguments I’ve had with people over this means I know there’s plenty of you out there who need their coffee at a similar temperature to the fires of hell.

Well, if you wanna know how to keep coffee hot then here are the best mugs for you.

We’ll start with the Avitos – a really nice stainless steel option. Insulated for hot and cold temperatures, these can carry 14oz and have an insulating lid.

Perfect if you want high-quality heat retention but still want something that looks like a mug.

coffee mug

If keeping the heat in is your absolute priority then I’m gonna have to recommend the YETI Coolers Rambler.

Available in 10oz, 20oz or 30oz options this is more like a traditional vacuum flask that you can drink out of. This one will keep your coffee scalding for hours.

coffee mug

The last option, and nicest looking in my opinion, is the Bodum Bistro coffee mugs/glasses.

These 10oz glasses are made from borosilicate glass and are double-walled so they will be effective at keeping the heat in while still being cool to the touch.

coffee mug

Best Coffee Mug As A Gift

I get it. It’s 22nd December and you’ve not bought your brother / father-in-law / zumba instructor a present for Christmas.

You need something everyone will like, costs less than $20 and maybe will get a laugh out of them.

The perfect solution: a coffee mug!

(It’s possible you’re more thoughtful than me and are actually buying this as a nice surprise for someone, too.)

This coffee mug has a little shark in the bottom that slowly reveals itself as you drink the coffee!

coffee mug

Next we have a coffee mug that is. a toilet. Makes a good gift for a prankster or just someone who might see the funny side of things…

This cute bat-themed design is perfect for that last minute baby brother present.

Check out the other options on the same listing for “geek mug” or Apple macintosh-themed mug.

The last one is so special it gets a place in two categories!

The picture shows the mug with levels that go “don’t speak” to “hold on” to “ok I’m listening” as you drink your coffee.

Trust me on this, this coffee mug gets a HUGE laugh at family gatherings.

It’s also quite a nice design for a comedy mug, quite drinkable all on its own.

Best Extra Large Coffee Mug

Some people need a coffee to wake up in the mornings.

And some people need a 20oz monster load of caffeinated rocket fuel before they are capable of functioning like a normal human being.

Luckily, there are mugs for people like that.

First is the fitnessCity Titanium cups. These were originally designed for outdoors or camping situations, but their strong build and low balance make them a great bet for those who need a larger cup. They come in at 600ml which is a touch over 20oz.

coffee mug

The 20z Orca Chaser is another large one with a stainless steel exterior. This has a tough polymer grip handle and a copolyester lid giving it a much more traditional ‘mug’ feel.

There’s also a 27oz version loitering around somewhere on that link, too.

coffee mug

I’ll round out the section with these simple-looking mugs that come in at a surprising 18oz.

Best Espresso Demitasse Cups

These smaller sized cups are known as “demitasse” which is French for “half a cup”.

The first set are these beautiful double-walled and thermo-insulatedf espresso glasses.

The double walls give them a heat-retaining effect – perfect for the small size of espresso which seems to get cool in like 15 seconds. They also look gorgeous and are perfect for sipping an espresso in the morning.

These stainless steel cups are equally gorgeous and will suit those who would prefer to drink from an actual cup but still like the modern look and feel.

coffee mug

This espresso demitasse from Illy is a pretty penny at $75 but just look at it! It’s gorgeous!

Designed by a famous artist, the idea is the handles represent a reimagined infinity symbol. The whole Illy website is full of expensive but beautiful espresso cups if you’d like to check out more.

coffee mug

This last set are ceramic espresso cups which have a more traditional demitasse design but with arty writing on the side.

You get a lovely metal rack to display them on in your kitchen and you even have small little saucers to go with your small little cups.

coffee mug

Best Coffee Mug For The Commuter (Best To Go Coffee Mug)

It’s 7 am, your coffee is made but you’ve gotta be straight out the door?Looking to get that 30 cents off at Starbucks? Try these on for size…

This one will fit well in your car’s cup holder and it has a clever ‘quarter-turn lid’ sealing design that will lock the opening and prevent spills – although note that the small sip opening on the top will always remain open.

It can take a solid 16oz but bear in mind it will not retain heat. For that, you need to check out the best thermos coffee mug section here.

coffee mug

Another option is this similar design which has the hilarious “This is probably wine” written on it.

Perhaps one to leave in the car when you drop your 4-year-old off at the nursery!

Best Funny Coffee Mugs

I’ll let the text do the talking on this one, safe to say this makes a perfect christmas present if you really, really want to wind up a brother or sister.

coffee mug

While I can’t condone the rampant use of swearing on this mug I can condone the message.

It might even serve as a reminder to some of your colleagues…

coffee mug

Oh dear, more swearing.

Still, you can’t deny the humor!

coffee mug

Best Latte Glass

There are some who would argue that a Latte is the prettiest of all the coffees.

These are smart people.

A cute glass filled with a light hazelnut-brown coffee layered over pale white milk. Mmmm… I’m there.

So let’s see how you can get the very same effect at home.

First up is from the famous coffee brand Bodum and this is my personal choice in this category.

A good size at 13.5oz, it’s dishwasher and microwave safe and even has a (mild) thermos effect!

coffee mug

If you’re absolutely after that ‘no handle’ look then here’s another solid option from BonJour. These are a similar size at 12oz and also are double-walled giving it a thermos effect.

And there’s two of them. That’s… more than one.

coffee mug

Best Disposable Coffee Cups

Garden party and want to show off your coffee making skills? Or maybe someone in your household just can’t be trusted with anything that has a remote possibility of breaking?

Whatever your reason, disposable coffee cups are available and some of them are lovely.

These first set are well priced and have an insulating ripple that keeps the cup cool to the touch even if the coffee inside is piping hot – no need for an extra sleeve of double cup if they are being carried. Doesn’t come with lids but you can buy them separately.

coffee mug

What the last set lack in design and prettiness they make up for in other areas. Each cup comes with a jacket and lid for convenience.

The material is all made of paper and other bio-degradable and compostable materials so you’re in the clear on the environmental front.

coffee mug

So, you came all the way down here for the fact, right?

(You didn’t skip… did you?)

So get this… there is literally published science that suggests the quality of a mug can enhance the enjoyment of a coffee.

If you don’t want to read the paper, basically it says that the same coffee in a white mug tastes nicer and the same coffee in a glass tastes less bitter.

Stupid humans…

It kinda makes sense though if you think about it. Every nice coffee shop you go to serves their coffee in white mugs and their lattes in tall, thin glasses…

Now you’re armed with that crucial piece of intel, scroll back up and get yourself a quality coffee mug!

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