Recommended Products

After spending hundreds of hours making brews and playing with products I’ve figured out what things are worth spending money on with coffee and what aren’t. Everything here gets my recommendation, most of the stuff I own or have owned and still use regularly, I’ve included my own photos in a lot of the articles (you’ll know they’re mine because they’re poorly shot and taken with an iphone!)

1. Brew Methods

If you’re looking for a new brew method, then the only article you need to go to is my 8000-word buyer’s guide on choosing what’s right for you. If that all seems a little too much, I even made a ‘Lazy Man’s Answer’ near the top of the page.

2. Coffee Grinder

The quickest way to upgrade your coffee drinking at home is with a quality grinder. This is an investment, I don’t recommend making the purchase unless you’re ready to shell out $100+ but when you are, here are my recommendations for best hand grinders and best automatic grinders.

3. Gooseneck Kettle

Slightly more advanced now, but if you’re looking for an electric-powered gooseneck kettle that gives you the same temperature water every time… Here’s the answer. I own one, and it’s awesome.

4. Coffee Scale

If you’re at the point where you start measuring variables in your brew (i.e. you’re starting to get good at this whole coffee making thing) then a scale is a must. Here’s my take on some of the best options.

5. Coffee Beans

I don’t have any links to products that I recommend here, I’ve just got a couple of articles that will hopefully help you discover new coffees on your own. The best is to find somewhere local, here’s an article if you need a few tips with that. And here’s some of the best places to buy freshly roasted coffee online.